DJ PAT testing in Harlow Essex

DJ Equipment can be subjected to quite harsh environments through use and packing up and moving from venue to venue.  We PAT test all DJ items from Mixing desks made by the likes of Pioneer, Numark and Denon.  Safety electrical testing of playback equipment like CDJ decks and Technics vinyl decks to ensure they’re safe and well maintained.

A common failure for DJ equipment during a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) is nicked mains cables.  Trapping a mains cable in a flightcase is a popular fault and can cause a rise of risk of fire and electrocution through damage in the insulation.  If a signal cable touched live mains it could also blow up your equipment. 

Popular items PAT tested locally

  • CD and Vinyl Decks
  • Mixing desks 
  • Active speakers and amplifiers
  • Lighting effects
Why is PAT testing important? 
Looking after your equipment where it is your job is very important.  Causing a fire or having a breakdown as a result of damaged wiring or electrical issues could be very expensive and a loss of job.
Spilt drinks and liquid damage can seem to have been cleaned off a speaker, but when it’s next used it could have shorted out parts inside and made a metal chassis live if there was an earthing issue.  A fault like this could hospitalise a party goer and cause many many issues.  Imagine a bad power supply on a dance floor making the output live, not only would it blow all the dance floor panels resulting in a huge cost, but the bigger picture is that anybody who steps on or touches a metal element may be electrocuted.


My mate has a reel of stickers he can do it far cheaper than you.

Unfortunately  this short sightedness may feel like a box is ticked and nobody will get hurt, however there is no certainty to your luck.  In order for us to “just put a sticker on your equipment” we carry out continual training and can spot potential issues which could cause an issue or be potentially dangerous. Also many venues will also require a certificate to be emailed or sent over before you play, if this doesn’t look right the venue may not let you play! 



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