How Often Does Equipment Need to be PAT testested?

Different types of electrical appliances are subject to different kinds of uses.  From a computer on a desk which rarely gets moved, through to a guitar amp, pedal board or PA system which is regularly moved, setup and packed down.  Construction equipment is generally subject to more wear and tear by the pure nature of the surroundings and environment.

Risk Assessments for electrical testing

Risk assessments provide a key cornerstone in the service of electrical equipment and should be modified to suit using the following as considerations:

Competencies of users

Environment the equipment is used.

Movement of equipment 

Any existing RA systems for electrical Safety

Consideration for HASAW Act 1974PUWER 1998

Use of guidance as laid out in IET for inservice equipment


Recommended test Frequency table

The below table will be updated when revision 5 of the Code of practice for in service of electrical equipment is released