PAT testing prices in Harlow Essex & Hertfordshire

Below are general costings for most everyday testing solutions, from Bands, to Builders, Offices to Rehearsal rooms.  Obviously there are cases where we have to approach this on an individual basis.  To help you count the number of items you have, we’ve created a page with examples of what is classed as an item, and how to treat detachable leads. You can read about how many items for a PAT test here 

Items brought to our workshop

Items brought to our workshop for testing, depending on the number of items you may be able to wait around locally, or leave with us for the day to test and collect same day.  We have a commercial workshop with direct to door unloading and can handle space for enough equipment filling a small van.

Each item will be visually and electrically tested for safety and function.  Passed items will get a computer printed sticker on.  Failed items will be marked and kept separate. Upon receipt of payment we will send over via email the PDF concise items tested, and the individual test certificates of all items tested on one combined PDF document.  This gives the individual test readings and outcome.  

The retest period will depend on a number of factors, and we will assess the equipment based on a quick visual before starting, the purpose of how the equipment is used and the frequency of use.  From this we will base our retest period on a risk assessment matrix outlining our reasons of retest period. 

Prices are exclusive of VAT and will be added to final bill

On site PAT testing costs

When it comes to testing, we offer you the safest experience for your equipment.  We understand delicate electronics such as IT, computer audio interfaces and analogue sound equipment.  We’ve had some horror repairs where equipment has been blown up by inappropriate testing by companies rushing and not even considering what they’re testing or their surroundings.

The below prices are to be taken as a guide only as additional costs such as travel may need to be considered and added on. 

Please contact us for a bespoke quotation, photos of the space, what you do and how often the equipment is used / moved / changed will help us create a bespoke solution for you.  Your location is also very important to enable us to calculate travel, parking etc.