Builder & Site Equipment PAT testing in Harlow Essex

Site Equipment like 110V yellow equipment can be subjected to quite harsh environments through general use on site, as well as being moved from site to site.

A common failure for Site and building equipment during a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) is nicked mains cables.  Leads are often run over or trapped in building materials such as scaffolding.  A nick in a lead may not seem terribly dangerous, however if it livened up a whole scaffolding, or puddle the outcome could be quite serious.

Popular items PAT tested locally for builders

  • 110V yellow site transformers and Distro units
  • Yellow Mains Site cables and extension reels
  • Mains powered drills / floor polishers / hammer drills and kangols
  • Tripod Lighting and clip on lights
Why is PAT testing important? 
Looking after your equipment where it is your job is very important.  Causing a fire or having a breakdown as a result of damaged wiring or electrical issues could be very expensive and a loss of job.  Aside from the damage it could cause through failure the wider worry of what else can be damaged such as other builders and operators

My mate has a reel of stickers he can do it far cheaper than you.

Unfortunately  this short sightedness may feel like a box is ticked and nobody will get hurt, however there is no certainty to your luck.  In order for us to “just put a sticker on your equipment” we carry out continual training and can spot potential issues which could cause an issue or be potentially dangerous. Also many venues and building bodies will also require a certificate to be emailed or sent over before you attend site, if this doesn’t look right the site may deny you access.  There are many bodies who require proof of regular maintenance to aid compliance against many regulations such as Health & Safety at work act, and the provision of electrical equipment regulations. 

PPE & Branding

Not only can we carry out your safety electrical testing, but we can also print and supply items such as Hi Viz tabards.  We have a small scale print transfer setup capable of printing onto garments full colour transfers which are very robust.  We can also dye sublimation into the fabric of items made of polyester such as tabards.


Full Colour Garment printing for PPE, be seen, be branded, be safe!   

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Builder and Site PAT Safety Electrical Testing